Just as with the start of #Hopebuilder in September 2013, Thursday night’s “convergence” or prayer meeting began with a nudge from MRobbins.  Within 24 hours, MRobbins and MFlatline had coordinated food, YHC had reached out to F3 with numerous PAX responding that they would either attend at 5:30 or be praying wherever they were when we all began praying, and friends, ministers, and relatives of Dufresne and MDufresne assembled at Dufresne’s home.  Maize made an early visit to be with Dufresne and bring by drinks for the evening’s gathering.  The purpose of gathering was to show Dufresne and MDufresne how many people loved them, cared for them, and to put that love into action through prayer.

Everyone assembled at 5:30 for fellowship followed by prayer in Dufresne’s room upstairs and downstairs in the livingroom.  It was a full house.  Ministers lead prayer and read scripture, those assembled offered silent prayers, prayed aloud, and songs were sung.  MDufresne shared that she and Dufresne had received so much spiritually since the autumn of 2013.   

I’m not a doctor, don’t pretend to be one, and didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  What I do know is Dufresne is loved as an F3 brother and was surrounded by others who love him last night. It was a powerful, humbling, and beautiful thing. It was a lot like our first #Hopebuilder workout.  We were not quite sure what to expect, but we posted, and were willing to do whatever it took to put forth maximum effort.

One thing the PAX have repeatedly asked is how they can support Dufresne and his family outside #Hopebuilder.  A member of our Sunday school class at ESUMC created a Care Calendar for those who are interested can sign up to assist the family.  I’ve also included a link to MDufresne’s Caringbridge journal.

CALENDAR ID   :   171118
We are continuing with visits to Dufresne in lieu of workouts for the near term.  We’ll take our cue from him.   As always, the #Hopebuilder Google Doc sign up sheet is below.  Thanks to everyone who attended last night or joined us in prayer.