North Hills Mall turns 54 this year so the PAX lucked into the perfect cadence count.  The only person struggling was MacGruber who immediately followed the warm-up with a faceplant! He said it was Fault’s fault but as you can see in this childhood photo, MacGruber has been struggling with balancing issues for years.

MacGruber's balancing challenges started at a young age


54 Side Shuffle Hops
54 Goooood Mornings
54 Mountain Climbers
54 Merkins

The Thang!
Run to Brueggers parking lot
Partner carry to hill, wheelbarrow up, sprint back 27 Merkins

Run to the Cowfish Parking Deck
Stop at 1st level
Half bear crawl to next level. Other half follow.

Stop at 2nd level
Half crab walk to next level. Other half follow.

Stop at 3rd level.
Zig Zag to next level. Other half follow.

Stop at 4th level
Karaoke to next level. Other half follow

Run down stairs to the World of Beer Fountain
27 Dips
27 Derkin

Run to Moe’s Fountain
27 Steps-ups while others People’s Chair

20 Heels to Heaven
20 LBC’s
20 Rosalitas
6 inches count to 10