The Thang:

Ring of Fire.  Partner Up.  Pax 1 works at a station.  Pax 2 does max suicide runs on Cherokee Dr. (cones abounded).  3:30 til the music stops…Flapjack

1. TARP bicep curls with curl bar

2. Hang clean and press

3. Dead clean and press

4. KB Swings

5. Shoulder shrugs with cinder blocks

6. Sled push with 45 pounder aboard

7. Chuck’nRun

8. Sears Bar Deadlift

9. Oly Bar TARP Lunge/Squat/Lunge



  • Solid work by all hands.  Heavy Metal Boys don’t trifle.
  • We are with the TARPs today.  We are with the Dufresnes.  It is a village.
  • It was heavy (as in weight) rain today; snow flake or two sighted.  Did not stop us.  Heavy Metal Boys don’t trifle.