warm up: Jog to Fayetteville street. SSH 10x, Good mornings 10x, Dips 10x, Imperial walkers 10x, Mountain Climbers 10x.

Tha thang: Jog to Fayetteville St Square- in cadence move around the 4 towers in the following ways: Dips (1 down, 3 shuffles right), Incline merkins (1 down, 3 shuffles right), Decline Merkins (1 down, 3 shuffles right), Dips again.

Sprints: each time across do an exercise at each post. 1st time: Knee up, 2nd time Burpees, 3rd time Merkins.

Spider man shuffle along the railings out of the square, Jog back to Moore Square. Then play Merkin freeze tag (5x per tag) with a partner for 3 laps around the square.

Merry: 10x LBC, 10x Reverse LBC, 10x WW2, 10x LBC, 10x Reverse LBC, 10x Freddie Mercury, 10x LBC, 10x Reverse LBC, 10x Hello Dolly, 10x LBC, 10x Reverse LBC. DONE

Moleskin- prayers for FD Daughter, Dufresne, the sick and unspoken.