Today YHC felt like the Temptation’s song Ball of Confusion. There is a part of the lyrics that goes ” Great googalooga, can’t you hear me talking to you. Sayin’… ball of confusion. That’s what the world  is today, hey, hey. Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me here ya. Sayin’… ball of confusion. YHC was one big olé ball of confusion just mere minutes into the gloom. YHC has a ritual before each Q to youtube F3 on how to do proper cadence. YHC did not do it this time and immediately went into the first exercise butchering the cadence and of all the PAX posting there is Maize. After being called out by him and several others your YHC completely went blank in front of the PAX. After one exercise YHC went blank. He did however remember to have a wienke just in case. So much for thinking he had this Q’ing thing licked.

The Thang;

Mosey down to the basketball court.

Seal Jacks x 20

Merkins x 15

Good Mornings x 15

Mt. Climbers x 25

Mosey to the loop around the park and line up for an Indian Run. We were going for two laps but King David wanted to pull an Orwell and turn around halfway through the second lap. Since he is the King we about faced and Indian Ran to the Tennis Courts.

11s; from one end of the tennis court and back doing burpees at one end and on the other doing sumo squat. Good to see Sherwood pound through this crowd favorite. Strong work after only one week. Keep it up.

Balls to the Wall to recover from 11’s.

Mosey over to the newly opened field to do a few partner sprints on our newly lush but wet grass. One partner chill cuts while the other partner sprints to the barrel and does five burpees. Sprints back and does five merkin squats. Flip flop x 3.

Mosey back to the basketball courts for a Fazio Arm Circle burnout.

Forward x 25 Hold

Reverse x 25 Hold

Shoulder Press x 30

Merkins x 15

Back to the Fazio burnout

Forward x 15 Hold

Reverse x 15 Hold

Shoulder Press x 20


Freddy Mercury x 20

WWII x 20

Russian Hammer x 20


Cornholio’s Birthday is today!

Welcome to the show Cold Stone! Strong first showing. Maize was so impressed he tried to name him Stone Cold. Cornholio would have none of that. He said his M liked ice cream.

Sign up for the Fall mud run. Do it by July 14th. Just DO It!

Convergence July 4th at Late Night and Baileywick. 7AM.

Prayers for Man Ram’s 2.0 at Boy Scout camp.

Prayers New Mexico’s relative on post brain surgery recovery.

Prayers for those PAX dealing with aging parents

Thanks to all for putting up with YHC/Ball of Confusion. He will definitely go about his week a more humbled man and hopefully a better man.