March has arrived and with it we had some steady rain. Despite a last minute suggestion to take advantage of the safe and dry cover of a shelter, we went all in on a tour of the many soaked parking lots we all love and know so well. Seeing the forecast the afternoon before, I went ahead and offered up several excuses for those I knew would go all in on a fartsack. For the record, if it was the rain that kept you away, after months of being out there in the freezing cold, the decent temps and the steady rain were actually a welcome change.

The workout today focused on running a circuit of all the parking lots. I am keeping this BB simple and visual – each lot and the theme. If you missed out, use your imagination for how the 7 strong #HIM put in the work. We covered 2.3 miles including a couple sets of sprints.

Lot 1 – Baseball Lot – Warmup

Lot 2 – Elementary School – Bear Crawls/Sprints

Lot 3 – Library – Crab Walk/Lunge

Lot 4 – Tennis Courts Lot – Merkins (enough said)

Lot 5 – Staff Lot – Sprints/Burpees

Lot 6 – Big Lot – Corners w/ Mt Climbers/Squat Star Jumps

Lot 7 – Lower Lot – Plank Indian Run

Lot 8 – Soccer Field Lot aka Start Lot – COT (ran out of time for MARY, but plank IR hit the core hard)

Countoff was 7 #HIM


Announcements – upcoming runs/events, Breach for a strong month with 22 posts for mission22 (not too late to donate)

Prayer Requests – Village and Bloodsport dealing with some health issues, Lab Rat gearing up for job interview

Unspoken as well – let’s always be mindful to lift each other up

YHC took us out in prayer

EC for Nemo to run the course to make sure it would work out with timing