YHC returned to one of his regular sites after a year long (and continuing battle with plantar fasciitis) after an unannounced switch-er-roo with Linda on a Monday for Friday Q swap due to Linda having a tweaked back.  It was good to be back with my running F3 brothers.

Warm Up: SSH, Good Mornings, Windmill, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, 8-point man makers

Jog to tennis courts.  People’s chair followed by balls to wall for 15 count and then walk out to derkins (X10).

On the line.  2 burpees, run to other end, 4 burpees, back, 6 burpees and continue back and forth until 10.  Plank it out after finish.

On the line. 4 American Hammers followed by 1 canoe.  Run to other end.  8 American Hammers with two canoes.  Run back and forth and until 20 hammers and 5 canoes.  People’s chair followed by balls to wall for 15 count and then walk out to derkins (X10).

One the line.  Old fashion suicide.  Plank after finish.

Jog to picnic tables.  Round of Dice’s Classic 5 (urkins, dips, left-right step up, durkins, LBC’s) – 12 reps each – 3 times each cycle.

Jog back to parking lot.  Pair up.  Wheel barrow switching partners until other end.  From other end ran backwards half way, then forwards back, and then forward entire length.

Mary:  reverse LBC’s, 8-point man makers and in honor of Box Jump (Geronimo)