A pax of 22 with 2 FNG’s gathered this morning in 63-degree welcome comfort.  3 showed for the Pre-Run, the Q was not one of them.  After the disclaimer to all, we went for a mozy around the lot and circled up for a warm up as follows:

SSH X 20, Good Morning X 10, Imperial Walkers X 15, Hill Billy X 15, Plank to Chill Cut to Merkin X 20, Mont Climbers X 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 15, Seal Claps X 10, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 15…..Count Off by 2’s – Indian Run to Range Crest in 2 groups.

The Thang

Range Crest has 4 light poles to the top at each light pole we will do a set of exercises and squat hold at the top until the group is together again.

First Set – Prisoner Squats X 10 at each light pole – on the way down Merkins X 10.  It was more like Derkins.

Second Set – Run backward up the Hill LBC’s X 10 same on the way down.

Third Set – Burpees X 10 at each light, Lunge Walk to first light and then mozy to start.

Indian Run back to parking lot.

Set of 7’s – Merkins, Prisoner Squats from one end of the lot to the other.

Mary – Homer to Marge X 20, Dyeing Cockroach X 20, American Hammer X 20, Have a Nice Day


Welcomed our newest members of F3, Padre, and Minion, both men of the cloth one in the Army and one at The Summit Church.  Hope to see you in the gloom again soon.  Announcements – Q slots open, The Forum Bible Study on Monday’s at noon at Panera Bread at Six Forks and Strickland, F3 Raleigh is Up and running – thank you Azul for your awesomeness. Q shared a thought of little decisions and how big a difference they can make, i.e. a little decision to move from Colorado 22 years ago has made all the difference in the world in my journey with Christ.  F3 is a huge reason.

Prayer Requests – Minion’s wife is due Friday prayers for a healthy delivery, Katadin’s friend who is going through some health challenges.

Cinderella took us out with grace.

Moleskin:  It was a pleasure to lead this morning as this is the eve of my first post 3 years ago.  I will be Qing at True Grit if anyone would like to come and play.  I feel it is a sign from above that on the same day we have 2 new FNG’s who are from the ministry.  Skinny No Whip and Baby Teeth are in for the 2 and 3rd time respectfully.  Arm Pit I had not seen before and do not know but am looking forward to getting to know you as we travel this journey we call life together if only through F3.  The rest of you I am proud to call you my F3 brothers and look forward to many more days in the gloom. Adios