5 pax enjoyed a warm morning in Blue Heaven with another Fetzer beatdown. Seeking to keep things fresh, we left Belk Track/Hooker Fields for nearby Ehringhaus Field and then Navy Field, which was graciously unlocked and lit up just for us (one assumes). After doing our best Usain Bolt impression on the grass we headed to the turf for our best Percy Harvin, while the UAs didn’t even get out of bed (now known as the ‘Broncos Secondary’). Once again @F3Durham was well represented, which goes to show that the key to détente between all warring parties is a mutual and thorough beatdown. World peace through the Perkin had to wait, however, as 5:45 came up quick. Get to it!

The Thang:

SSH x 30
Good Morning x 10
Windmill x 12
Imperial Walker x 20
Arm Circles x 10 each way
Willy Mays Hayes x 10
Mountain climbers x 20

Recover on the run to Ehringhaus Field (.5 miles)

Super (Usain) Bolts on the field (pax line up on one side of the field, first man calls an exercise and sprints the length of the field and back while rest of the pax knock out the exercise, second man runs when first gets back, first man/rest of pax knock out same exercise, and so on until man completes the sprint. Once all have run first round, second man calls exercise, first man sprints and repeato. This continues until each man has called an exercise. 5 pax = 25 sprints there and back per man, and whole lotta reps of the called exercises).

Carolina Dry Docks
Freddie Mercury
Doogie’s Lunge/Squat/Dan Jansen ridiculousness

Recover on the run back to Navy Field (artificial turf, full-sized football/lacrosse practice field)

Pick Six (100-yard dash), followed by 20 Perkins and 20 WWII Sit-Ups OYO.
Repeato x 3
(Perkin = Perfect Merkin. Proper form all the way down, touch chest to ground, arms locked at the top, back straight throughout. Knee-down variation acceptable if necessary, but short-arm and/or bent-back reps will not be counted)

Honor Round of Mary:

Reverse LBCs x 20
Mission Impossible (low-plank hold) x 10-count around
RosaDolly x 20
Peter Parkers x 20
Bows & Toes plank hold x 10-count around



– Tclaps to Riggs and Doogie for making the drive, see you boys Thursday at Herndon.

– Thin Blue Line, this and every Saturday. Be there. http://f3nation.com/schedules/raleigh-durham-nc/#chapelhill

– Lots of UAs today, so expect Rameses to be extra stout. Rodeo says bring mud gear and headlamps, can’t wait to see what he has in store…