Riggs, in his infinite wisdom, informed YHC last night that we had a potential FNG on our hands – a former marine, medical student, and all around bad ass. Worried that our usual Tuesday morning fare wouldn’t challenge our soon-to-be pax, we took our fight to the uncharted land of construction for this week’s beat down.

Warm-up: 5 min yog, SSH, IWs, arm circles, stretching (oh how our output suffered!)

To the corkscrew – spiral exit from the parking garage
Uphill 1 flight, 10 merkins, back down 2 flights
Uphil 2 flights, 10 merkins, 10 peter parkers, back down 3 flights
Uphill 3 flights, 10 merkins, 10 PP, 10 knee up merkins, back down 3 flights

Grab an 80lb bag of quik-crete –¬†Uphill 1 flight, back down
Deposit bag, grab large/heavy scaffolding (since I’m bad at estimating weight, I’m just gonna go with 30lbs) – 10 shoulder press x3 sets, 10 bicep curls x2 sets
Deposit scaffold, grab 80lb bag back – walking lunge it back to it’s home (50m?)

Back to the corkscrew
Uphill 1 flight, 10 burpees, back down 2 flights
Uphill 2 flights, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, back down 3 flights
Uphill 3 flights, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 10 froggers, back down 3 flights

Mary/Pull-up circuit – 3 pull-ups, “perfect” form, while pax does exercise
round 1 – 6″ leg raise
round 2 – sochi hammers (russian hammers, freedom hammers)
round 3 – reverse LBCs


– Welcome to Tom, Durham’s newest FNG – code name JUNIOR MINT – apparently he contaminates surgical fields all the time – good call by Floyd on this one… we were going with Frank (Tiger’s driver cover) or Fluff (his old caddy)… junior mint is so much better (seinfeld anyone?) – junior mint is a beast – if true grit is looking for a new participant, he’s your man.
– The search for Flying J continues – KFP eventually came back so we keep hoping that Flying J will as well – come back home, brother… we miss your side shuffle hop and burpee techniques
– F3Durham will be calling russian hammers “sochi” hammers until after the winter olympics complete – go team USA!
– Chapel Hill tomorrow – off roading in the mud… Thursday at Herndon Park should be a good one

– We need big numbers for Saturday at Thin Blue Line – make sure you eat your wheaties that morning… YHC is gonna make you hurt.