13 PAX descended upon Martin MS for a quarterly review of fitness levels.  The temperature was good, the rain was non-existent – only the wind was blowing stronger than desired.

6 site FNGs made the Q very happy – welcome to the fun of HiFidelity.  Come back often to see improvements.

The Thang:

Warm-up 1/2 mile with butt kickers, high knees, and two accelerations

Circle-o-stretches:  Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, King David Kicks, Windmills – all x16

1/2 mile at a moderate pace to shake the legs out

Mile Test – one mile all out.  Pacing is key, don’t go out too fast, but set yourself up for success.

After recovery, another mile at 0:45-1:00 slower pace than the test

1/4 mile fast (x 2 for some)


The Mile Test is a tough challenge due to the pace and length of time you are working.  Daniel’s Running Formula suggests you should limit this workload at this pace to less than 5 minutes.  We made the exception for this Quarterly Test.  The Pax did a great job pushing themselves to new limits. Many set new Personal Records, several were surprised by their efforts, and the record shows success.

Yo-Yo:  5:20
Myrtle:  5:55
Bob Villa: 5:59
Enron: 6:01
Lamp: 6:05
My Boy Blue: 6:10
Maize: 6:10
King David:6:14
Shaggy:  6:26
Steroid:  7:00
Orwell: 7:50
Linda: 7:50
CountryWide: 8:15

The Moleskine

  • Many races / events coming up soon – Krispy Kreme Challenge, Kilt Run, Tar Heel 10-miler, Raleigh Go Ruck Challenge.  Sign-up, you’ll enjoy the test
  • 2nd F at Raleigh Brewing with Bellemonica for food – 2/13 @ 6pm
  • Continued prayers for those on our hearts and minds