SF was planted in the frosty gloom of the Southern Community Park for another Bastille beatdown. We were rewarded with one of the more glorious sunrise color shows in memory, particularly awesome on the return leg of the Usain Bolts (note: photo above is for illustration purposes only. Ours was actually a lot more impressive). As Shooter perfectly put it: you don’t get that in the fartsack.

The Thang:

SSH x 20
Dogcatcher x 1 (had to be there)
Good Morning x 10
Windmill x 10
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each direction
Mountain Climber x 10
Bodyweight Squats x 20

Run to covered picnic area

Rotate at 5 stations, 30 reps each:
Single leg step-ups
Bicep curls with fence post (4x4x6′)
Overhead shoulder press with fence post
(rotate once through all stations)

Run to rock ring amphitheater, choose your rock (by height). Bent Jacob’s ladder:
6 dirkins , sprint to top of grass hill, 1 burpee, sprint back down
Continue as such until 1 dirkin, 6 burpees, plank it out

Indian run to dog park parking lot

3 by 30s (do many of each exercise as you can for 30 seconds):
Plank Jacks

Recover on run to the frozen soccer field

Usain Bolts (one pax chooses an exercise for others to do – as many of each as possible – while said pax sprints the length of a soccer field and back):
Round 1:
Perfect Form Merkins
Carolina Dry Docks
Breakin’ II the Electric Boogaloo (YHC’s name for Doogie’s merkin/flip/dip/flip/merkin contortion – real name anyone?)
Round 2:
Makhtar N’Diaye
Jump Lunge
Shoulder Annihilators
Squat Jumps

Recover on run back to picnic tables

Mary on the tables
Very Big Flutter x 10
Dolly x 10
Double Leg Lift x 10


– Tclaps to Carlton for posting again after his inaugural post yesterday. Pushed himself hard and hung in. Look forward to his first Q already.

– Tclaps to Doogie for posting in Blue Heaven. Really enjoying the Chapel Hill/Bull City crossover, Car Ramrod at the MudRun will be a force.

– New Monday workout, 5:30 at Fetzer Field (UNC Campus). Soft launch next Monday, go-live 10/25. Meet at the parking lot behind the UNC Law School, map here: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=35.908467,+-79.043206&num=1&t=h&vpsrc=0&gl=us&ie=UTF8&z=20&iwloc=A