Walking through the door a minute or two late YHC could see Dufresne chomping at the bit to get rolling. He tore this one up, clearly having bounced back and then some from his cold last week.

The Thang:
Leg Presses 2 x 20 (alternating) (one set we did 21 because we told him that we were surprising his muscles.)
Leg Rolls 2 x 20 (alternating)
Leg Lifts 2 x 20 (alternating)
Happy Jacks 2 x 20
Chicken Wings 1 X 10 (alternating) – DOUBLE CADENCE REPS!
Animal? Weapons? 1 X 20 (alternating) – DCR!
Pile Drivers 1 X 20 (alternating) – DCR!
Fly Swatters 1 x 20 (alternating) – DCR!

COT: After really taking the workout head on and showing some serious improvement in arm strength, Dufresne continues to inspire. Prayers for healing and continued recovery.