After the cold week we’ve had, today felt noticeably warmer.  The 6 PAX analyzed the improved weather conditions and collectively decided that today was no day for toboggans.  And off we went.

Warm-up : SSH (30x); Imperial Walkers (10x); Good Mornings (10x); Windmills (10x).


Run to handicap rail.

Austrailian (not to be confused with Austrian) Pullups (“AP”) (10x), Dips (15x), AP (15x), Dips (20x), AP (10x), Dips (15x).

Run and then stop for Diamond Merkins (20x), Alternating Lunges (20x), Wide Grip Merkins (20x), Prisoner Squats (20x).

Run to the steep, grassy hill by the lake, and grab a rock for Shoulder Press (20x), Rock Raised Crunch (20x), Forward Raise (20x), Rock Tucked Crunch (20x), Decline High, Slow Flutters on the hill (20x), Incline LBCs on the hill (20x).

Jacob’s Ladder.  Run up the steep, grassy hill, 5 Burpees (4, 3 . . .), run down.

Bear Crawl up the hill; Bear Crawl down the hill.

Lunge Walk up the hill.

Run, run, run.  Break for Balls to the Wall (20x).

Run to steps.  Butt kickers up the steps (3x).

Run back to home base, with a Chong Li lead sprint to the finish at exactly 6:45.


The Pax went around and shared some specifics about what they do for a living.

T-Claps to Fannie!  He posted three times in his first week of F3.  Welcome!

T-Claps to Chong Li for teaching YHC some “hip” slang .  Apparently the kids are referring to automobiles as “whips” these days.  This was new information for YHC, which shocked the PAX who all agreed this is common knowledge.

T-Square lead us out in prayer.