Dogs At Cards

While a flush is nice in poker, it was anything but today.


  • Karaoke Left up ramp, jog deck length
  • Karaoke Right up ramp, jog deck length
  • Bear Crawl up ramp, jog deck length
  • Curb Dips x20
  • Merkins x15
  • Stairs to bottom of ramps
  • Partner Carry up ramp, jog deck length, flap jack
  • Crab Walk up ramp, jog deck length
  • Curb Dips x15
  • Merkins x10
  • Stairs to bottom, gather with new arrivals.

Warm Up: SSH x25, Windmill x15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 each direction, Mountain Climbers x20, Merkins x10.

The Main Thang:

  • Pax At Cards: A deck of cards was placed at the end of the deck, approx. 40 yards from the start line. One at a time a Pax from the line would sprint to the deck, pull a card, call out the suit/value, and sprint back. Meanwhile all Pax completed that number of reps for the exercise of the suit: Hearts = Merkins, Clubs = Burpees, Diamonds = Star Jumps, Spades = Sprints (audible change to WWII Sit Ups). Face cards = 10 count, Ace = 11 count.

Mary: LBC x30, Russian Hammer x30.



  • Sign up for Hope Builders and go see Dufresne. Hit up Cinderella or Tony Robbins if you need information.



The Main Thang: