The weather couldn’t have been much nicer for a Saturday in the park. A little foggy, temps in the 60s, and nice wet ground. Chong and Maize even put in an early 6 miles just for fun.

Warmup: SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Merkins x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Sir Fazio x 12 (forward/backward)

The Thang:
Indian run bear crawl (PAX lines up and does bear crawl, last PAX sprints to front and resumes bear crawl). Continued this from Pullen gate entrance to the pool parking lot.

Mosey across tracks to rock pile. Select an igneous friend from the pile and mosey to the upper baseball field. Line up along fence and prepare for 1 mile of sprints (carrying your igneous friend) interspersed with fun. (Somebody please remind me what the last couple of exercises were…#OldManMemory)
10 burpees OYO, pickup rock and sprint 50 yds to cone and back
20 curls with rock, sprint with rock
20 merkins, pickup rock & sprint
20 LBCs, pickup rock & sprint
20 count people’s chair, pickup rock & sprint
20 count balls-2-wall, pickup rock & sprint
20 triceps extensions with rock, sprint with rock
20 Freddie Mercurys, pickup rock & sprint
15 WW2 situps, pickup rock & sprint
15 Carolina drydocks, pickup rock & sprint
15 star jumps, pickup rock & sprint
15 merkins, pickup rock & sprint
15 squat presses with rock, sprint with rock
15 high slow flutter, pickup rock & sprint
15 ???, pickup rock & sprint
15 ???, pickup rock & sprint

Mosey back to rock pile to return friend. Mosey back across tracks for 2 times through Tunnel of Love (low crawl through PAX doing high plank). Munson wins award for best leg dragging form. All arms brother!

Mosey to picnic tables for one round of dips x 15, jump ups (each w/push-the-bush) x 15, derkins x 15.

Mosey down to wet amphitheater for Mary
1 round of kneeling jumps across amphitheater
LBC x 20
WW2 situps x 20
American Hammers x 20
Rosalitas x 20
Dollys x 20
6 inch hold x 20

COT (partial – YHC forgot to do name-o-rama, but was not called out until we reached parking lot, so no formal disciplinary action enacted)

Chong Li liked YHC’s purple socks. Thanks for noticing Chong!

The bear crawl indian run and the sprints-with-rocks were crowd pleasers. I was told I lost Puppet Points though for the 10 counts between sprints and also for doing LBCs outside of Mary. Total Puppet Points scored today somewhere around 2.3. There was a motion that future references to Puppet Points in RDU be Muppet Points. No vote was taken but I’m sure Beaker would approve.

I must admit that the PAX did look pretty gnarly when all was said and done. I will consider this a good day!

Buck Rogers decoder report: