YHC welcomed two FNG’s to Fetzer for a beatdown. Frustrated with the errors of YHC’s beloved Panthers yesterday, the PAX went back to the drawing board. Time for X’s and O’s.

The Thang

Quarter lap

SSH x 20

Quarter lap

Merkin x 20

Quarter lap

Imperial Walker x 20

Quarter lap

Freddie Mercury x 20

O’s: an entire lap around the track, but do 10 of each exercise at every quarter lap (resulted in 1 mile)

Lap 1: SSH

Lap 2: Merkin

Lap 3: Imperial Walker

Lap 4: Freddie Mercury

To the stadium steps, pay the toll: 20 OYO any combo of Derkin and Irkin you like

X’s on Hooker field: sprint the diagonal, exercise, inline, exercise, repeat

Stop 1: Burpees x 5

Stop 2: Rosalita x 10

Stop 3: Diamond Merkin x 5

Stop 4: LBC x 10

Mini O’s on the center circle: essentially a ring run, but in cadence with one runner

Round 1: Russian Hammer x 10 (x 5)

Round 2: LBC x 10 (x 5)

To the stadium steps, pay the toll: 20 OYO any combo of Derkin and Irkin you like

Plank circle 10 counts: once through regular, once through ‘bows


Very happy to have two FNG’s with us this morning. Eveready (see the slogan above for the reasoning behind the name) and Wuerfell (“related Google searches include Chris Leak, Chris Weinke, and Gino Torretta”…that’s awesome) both put in extremely promising starts. Look forward to posting with them again on Wednesday at Rameses. The hair! Wuerffel

Shooter has Q for Rameses. Prepare accordingly.


Thanks to the hard work of Adolphus and graphic design work from The Fonz, we are close to placing an order for our very own F3 CH shirts. We’re going with the MudGear shirt, long or short sleeve is your choice. If you’d like to get in on the order, please contact Adolphus (alexmillernc@gmail.com) this week. They look awesome (design below.).F3CHLogo