It was a balmy 60 degree and overcast morning, but the rain stayed away…. 23 PAX strong for our Saturday morning adventure.

The Warmup: not much to say here… jog to FCB parking lot; 25 SSH, 20 partner assisted derkin and flapjack, 20 burprees OYO…

That Thang: field behind round FCB building

Crab walk, gorilla walk, bear crawl, 10 squat/jump-ups – plank until your brothers are finished

Jog over to North Hills – Cowfish side – for some work on the hill

Wheel barrow up the hill, bear crawl back down, flapjack – plank until your brothers are finished – Repeato

Circle up in parking lot – 25 LBC; 25 American Hammer; 20 Heels to Heaven

Indian run back to track at Carroll

Partner up – size matters ūüôā – 1 lap race around the track – carrying your partner

Move to middle of field – split into 2 groups – screw your partner. The concept: group 1 calls out exercise for group 2; group 1 counts and planks while group 2 exercises – then flapjack. Nemo didn’t understand the concept and promptly asked group #2 to do¬†prisoner squats…….

As best I can remember, the exercises between group 1 and 2 went something like this (10 count for the most part):

Merkins; Sumo squat jumps; burpees; imperial walker with a squat; wide grip merkin; prisoner squats; staggered merkin; star jumps; up downs; diamond merkin

Move to middle of the track – 1 lap – race around the track

Back to the school – 30 count people’s chair; 20 count balls to the wall

Mary: Mary was PAX choice, and again, as best I remember

30 American Hammers; 25 Freddie Mercury; 20 VERY SLOW flutters; and one more exercise I can’t remember…


Praise for Electrolux – good news from doctor about his M…. Continued prayers for his friend in Korea and his entire family.

Prayers for Wilson’s mother-in-law. Prayers for Steroid and substantial proposal that is in the pipeline. Continued prayers for Dufresne and prayers for all those that were not spoken…