The virtual shovel flag was planted for the PAX of 31 on Currituck Drive as the week began. YHC tried coming up with something different, but no tune came to mind or character to memorialize. So on the run in the answer was to simply reverse the order, something we should all think about more often about many a thing……

The Thang:

Run to upper lot

Mary (shooting star for those who caught it): Rosalita x 15, Dolly x 15, Dying Cockroach x 15, Cannonballs x 15

Run to bottom of Sisyphus, then do 5 burpees….Run to the top for max burpees (“OYO!!”) till PAX is all together for 1 minute

PBR : Partner up…Partner 1 performs various plank sets. Partner 2 bear crawls half way around the island, then runs the other half. Tag and rotate. 5 rounds: Low Plank Hold, Chilcutt, Plank Jacks, Shoulder Taps & Walking the Plank L/R

Run to baseball field

The Beast

5 cones placed 10 yards (err, not sure this was accomplished) apart. 6 stops for 6 reps through 6 separate exercises: Squats, Merkins, Ski Abs, Mountain Climbers, Diamonds & Burpees Get the name now?

jog to the back of front lot

Partner 1 sprints to the gate and back, partner 2 stays in squat hold position. Tag and rotate

Wrap Up : SSH x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Star Jumps x 15, Merkins x 20

COT with Ball of Man prayer lead by Orwell

QOD: “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”- Hebrews 10:25

Naked Moleskin:

-So much for the winter slump, F3 Raleigh is growing once again…..almost 50 today. Be on the lookout for new sites, get ready to step up and lead.

-Prayers for the spoken and as importantly the unspoken. COT is one of the 5 core principles in F3, for those not present and for ourselves too. At this stage in life for many there’s not much that hasn’t been heard, thought, felt or experienced by the PAX already. They will help, because they can and they want to. Stick out your hand if you need it.

 -T-claps for the return of Door to Door from an early hibernation, took him till June in 2013 but made it out already on the 13th of January 2014. #progress T-claps to Officer Hightower for his second post, starting to inspire in many ways already.

-GoRuck Challenge is set for 5/3/2014 in Raleigh, see Yo-Yo, Fungo or Utah. #goodlivin

-Fairways to Christ February 21-23rd in Pinehurst: This is a weekend retreat with fellow men, some in F3 and some not. We will play golf, socialize and have group discussions (large and small) on the Life of Mark. See Enron or Minnie if interested, cost is around $275 including everything but dinner Saturday night. #ironsharpens

-We all have routines, and for the good and the bad many of those routines change. Regardless of the direction personal change is made by choice. No matter what you were doing before F3, your decision to come involved an adjustment to your normal schedule. If you are struggling to convince someone to make their first post (or second in some cases), ask them about their current routine and if they enjoy it. Be ready for an awkward pause, then invite them again.