Time for the ole TARP to get back in the saddle for a ZH Q.  Ya’ll know I love these things.  Decided to use the lower lot today as we haven’t worked that area yet.  Time to get to work and start the week!  Aye

The Thing

Ran down to the lower parking lot, started the Warm Up

  • SSH x 30
  • Imperial walkers x 20
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • 10/1 Jack Webbs

Broke into 3 groups for some parking lot agility drills, rotated through these drills until completed all three.  High plank hold until group has finished

  • Group 1 – sprint diagonally across the parking spot, back peddle the line
  • Group 2 – Shuffle left diagonally across the parking spot, shuffle right down the line
  • Group 3 – Left hop up onto the curb and back down, go the length of the curb

Rotated through this twice

10/1 Jack Webbs…this one got a lot of groans…

Next we had the most mentally challenging exercise of the morning…the Lunge Squats.  Pax into two lines, lunge with the right foot and then once complete perform a prisoner squat.  Repeat with left leg.  Took this all the way to “the white car.”  Honestly…it was harder than it sounds when you add distance.  Not mentally harder but more the physically harder type.

Next broke into two groups for some suicides

  • Group 1 regular suicides, Group 2 high plank hold – flapjack
  • Group 1 sprint/back peddle suicides, Group 2 Putin – flapjack
  • Group 1 shuffle right/left suicides, Group 2 Sarkozy – flapjack

Jog up, drop off cones, circle back around to the GoRuck lot

  • Group 1 ski mogals, Group 2 L/R step ups x 25 – flapjack x 2

Run around the baseball fields down to the shelter for Mary

  • The Dip…only nonMary move in our Mary x 25
  • LBC’s x 20
  • Cannonballs x 20
  • Long Slow flutter x 20
  • Hammers x 20


  • Really good group today.  Everybody worked hard and moved well.  Even Slash on those Imperial Walkers.
  • Tclaps to Fannie…dude is posting big time for a newcomer.
  • GoRuck challenge is set for May 3.  Holla at Utah, YoYo or Fungo.
  • No rain today…sweet
  • Prayers go out to MTARP. Also to Slash’s Brother and his wife’s best friend as they go through cancer treatments