After multiple reminders from the pax, YHC decided to stop pretending to be Flying J and write the backblast… twas a rainy day, lots of mud… perfect for pain.

Warm-up: running, SSH, good mornings, merkins, windmills, arm circles

walking lunges: estimating around 200m although i’m not sure… was really long

sprints – about 50m and back – 2 groups – group 1 exercise while other runs – went through 4 cycles – merkins, bird dog merkins, squat jumps, something else (sorry)
Jack Webbs (1 merkin, 1 shoulder press, 2m, 2sp, 3… 10m, 10sp)

seinfeld forgot shoes for interview day.. so we had to walking lunge him back (200m) – introduced walking tebows (elbow to opposite knee)
more sprints – 50m and back, 2 groups – star jumps, EKGs, squat jumps, something else (sorry again)
Webb Jacks (1 merkin, 10 shoulder press, 2m, 9sp, 3m, 8sp… 10m, 1sp)

walking lunges (200m again)… pax really hating me at this point
wack jebbs – 10 merkins, 1 shoulderpress, 9m, 2sp, …. 1m, 10sp)

walking lunges 1 more time (200m)
jabb wecks – 10m, 10sp, 9m, 9sp… 1merkin, 1 shoulder press

mary: 6″ leg raise, rosalita, LBCs, WW2s, heels2heaven – out of time


– walking lunges are difficult… walking lunge for 1/2 mile total really sucks – walking tebows for over half of them is even worse
– damn you, jack webb.