14 PAX strong today at Zero Hour.  It seems like every week at Zero Hour we have some baby news to celebrate.  Today was no exception…. 

Warmup: SSH (30x); Imperial Walkers (10x); Mountain Climbers (20x); Good Mornings (10x). 


Run to handicap rail.  G1 Australian Pullups; G2 Plank – flapjack.  15x, 12x, 10x.

Run loop around park to the steep seats.

Box Jumps (30x); Incline Merkins (15x); Box Jumps (30x); Decline Merkins (15x).

Run to tennis court.

Balls to the Wall (20x); Bear Crawl to baseline and back.

The speed ladders are set up, and by golly we will use them.  Munson passes the torch to our speed ladder pro, Epoxy, for an impromptu speed ladder workout (but note: no ghosts of Wolf Run #1 for this passing of the torch (“King…gasp….David…gasp…you…gasp…Mary…[vomit and tears]”)). 

Epoxy leads us on an intense speed ladder workout, which includes nifty, quick maneuvers through the cones.

Parking Lot Party.  G1 sprints down and back; G2 squats – flapjack.  G1 Bear Crawls down and sprints back; G2 Alternating Lunges – flapjack.  G1 Karaoke down and back; G2 planks – flapjack.  G1 sprints down and back; G2 planks – flapjack.

Quick Feet (20x), Calf Extensions (20x) — 2x.  Incline Merkins (30x). 

Run to picnic tables for Mary: American Hammers (30x), Freddy Mercuries (20x); Cannon Balls (20x), and LBCs (40x).


Each PAX shared his favorite gift he gave this Christmas.  Clearly there were some really lucky kids this Christmas.


King David’s wife had her baby!  Mom and baby girl are healthy and doing fine. 

Convergence New Year’s Day at Fletcher Park.  7 AM. 

Slash leads us out in prayer.