If one thing has become apparent since Hopebuilder began in September 2013, we find a way to make it.  Whether it’s at Dufresne’s home or in the ICU at Duke Raleigh, we post. The PAX assembled  are our focus was Dufresne and MDufresne.  They’ve had a hard go of it with ventilator challenges and a prolonged stay in the hospital.  Dufresne is ready to get out of the hospital and be home with Erica and the kids.  Erica is more than ready for Dufresne to be home.

Countrywide and I shared with Dufresne the details from the F3 Christmas party, ready his prayer to him, and updated him on all things F3.  He smiled a few times and Countrywide led us out with a mighty prayer.

As for next steps, workouts are on hold for now.  Visits are encouraged and welcome.  Come any time you can, outside the Hopebuilder workouts or during a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoon.  The shift change for nurses is between 2:00 – 4:00 pm and you can visit anytime outside that two hour period.  No need to ask if it’s a good time, just come by as you can.

I’ve included the link to MDufresne’s posts on Caringbridge.org so you have access to updates from her.  Dufresne needs our presence and prayers.  Countrywide and I agree – Dufresne’s got a lot of fight left, but he’s ready to be at home with his family.

So, we’ll go where Dufresne is.  Where he goes we will follow.  Whether that’s home or the hospital.  We’ll even sing as we did last week.  There were no American Idol contestants among us, but I’d give us an A for effort.

Thanks to each of you for your prayers, your visits, and your commitment to one of our own.