17 PAX posted for the Catalyst Finale of 2013.

Warm Up:  SSH, Good Mornings, Windmill, Squats, Sir Fazio Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, Merkins


Santa’s Coal: Each PAX grabbed some Santa’s coal (a/k/a a rock) and went on a tour of Carroll Middle grounds with pauses for 25 reps of: Curls, Tricep Ext., Shoulder Press, Russian Hammer, Jump Overs and Bench Press

Put Santa’s coal back and ran several sets of suicides

Ava’s Giraffe: Ran 100 yards like a giraffe, Squats X10, ran 100 yards like a giraffe, Lunges X10, ran 100 yards like a giraffe, Jump Ups X10, ran 100 yards like a giraffe, Plank Durkins X10.

Repeato with partner carry on round II

Final rotation: dips X25, people’s chair, bear crawl, people’s chair, standing long jumps up hill, people’s chair, run to other side of school, and finish with balls to wall.

6 minutes of Mary:  LBC X25, WWII sit ups X25, Flutter Kicks X25, Oblique Crunch – 15 per side and up down planks.