A light rain and the departing Blitzers welcomed¬†8 PAX to F3 Raleigh’s only Wednesday outdoor workout.

The Thang:

Jog to the upper field for warm up:

SSH x 30; imperial walkers x 20; standard merkins x 20; sir fazio arm circles x 20; good mornings x 20; windmills x 20; burpees x 20.

Jog to picnic shelter for sixes and elevens:

sixes – (in shelter) pull ups and jump ups 5-1, 4-2, 3-3, etc.

elevens – (at stone circle) alternating decline and incline merkins and single leg squats.

sixes – (in shelter) pull ups and jump ups

jog to upper field for modified beast:

modfied beast with 5 total stops for exercises covering full length of upper field, six total laps.  exercises: standard merkins, prisoner squats, carolina dry docks, lunges, LBCs, burpees.

jog to picnic shelter for dog leg to the left:

10 dips, run dog leg to the left, 5 single leg burpees, return to shelter. 3 times through.

jog to house of cats for mary: LBCs, WWII sit ups, heels to heaven.


Рwelcome to MiniMe from Charlotte and FNG Patina from Youngsville.  Hope to have you both back soon.

– no Pullen workout Saturday 4/12, the the Arena will still meet at Pullen and proceed.