The yellow dust is taking over- is this the spice of life?

Jog 1/4 mile into the trails
SSH x20
IW x20
Good mornings x15
10 Walking Lunges, 5 Merkins – repeat until covered 50yd bridge

Run down to the creek overlook for a triple double:
20x Prisoner Squats
20x Box Jumps
20x Dips

Jog down to the greenway for a dealer’s choice off campus trip:

Round 1:
run to the next trail head, 20 freddy mercurys
run back, 10 burpees
sprint the bridge and back

Round 2:
20x star jumps

Repeat round 1 and 2 again!

Bear crawl across the big bridge (60 yards)

Run back taking the stairs
30 squats at the top of the stairs
mosey back to first bridge

10 walking lunges
10 merkins
10 squats
repeat until covered the length of the 50yd bridge

jog back up to the playground for Mary:
Hammers x20
Cockroaches x20
Flutters x20
Reverse LBC x20
Plank Jacks x20
Froggies x20

A great burner today, the pax were winded
tclaps to geek squad for posting at his first bootcamp and keeping up
Howard is starting up a Friday working- this was his last post at Danger Zone
thanks to Wonk for the closing prayer