4 Pax appeared in the early morning gloom.  Lucky Strikes and Floyd were both back in the mix after a week of luxury abroad (not together, at least as far as I know).

The Thang

SSH x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Peter Parkers x 20

Mosey on down the parking deck to Riggs’ car to pick up the concrete blocks, 2 per man.  Then mosey down to the bottom of the deck.

Run up 8 flights to the top with 2 blocks then 20 knee-up merkins and 20 Russian hammers with block
Down 8 flights then 20 jump lunges and 20 CDD
Up 8 flights alternate bunny hop/high knees each 1/2 flight then 20 decline merkins and 20 low flutters with block above the head
Down 8 flights with the blocks and then 50 top shelves
Up 8 flights single leg hop alternating leg each 1/2 flight and then 10 1-legged burpees each leg
Down 8 flights and then 20 reverse flys with the blocks and 20 Crazy Ivans
Up 4 flights to Riggs car to drop off the blocks, then up 4 flights

People’s choice x 3 – Freddie Mercury x something (Floyd), Froggers x a lot (Lucky Strikes), WWII situps x several (Flying J)


– Missed Doogie this morning.  Apparently his leg is bum.
– Kotters to Floyd and Lucky Strikes.  Back to the grind…