As the fires in the forge were stoked, ten men stepped out of the darkness to answer the call.  The anvil is the place of work, where the purpose, strength, and shape come from heat, pressure and work.  The heating, hammering, and honing all push us to be ready for the Grit that sharpens and gives us our edge.  We meet with a purpose…with an intention to build ourselves and one another.

The shovel flag was planted.  At the appointed time, the stalwart began their work.


Mosey over to see Andy and Opie.  Entertain them with Side Shuffle Hops x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15 and Good Mornings x 10.

After quality with our Mayberry friends, we bunny hopped up the steps to the Pavilion at the top of the steps, but it was occupied by a local.  We sauntered back down the steps to the lower shelter which remained unoccupied and grabbed some benches. Dips x 10, Alternating Step Ups x 10, Decline Plank x 10, French Dip x 10, Squat Hold x 10, crab kickers x 10. Rinse and repeat with a variety of numbers (8-11) because the Q couldn’t keep track of when he was supposed to close out the exercise.

Jog over to the South lake steps with Lunge Walks on the Bridges of Madison County.  Quick Feet x 15 x 2

Scramble up the Hill to the tennis courts for a fun time with “He Sees Me” Suicides (at turn around points hit the ground for a three count) x 2.  Sarkozy and Putin while waiting.

Hustle back to Pain Island for a Plank-o-Rama.  Plank x 15, Low Plank x 8, Plank Jacks x 10 Bird Dog Plank x 5.  Repeato

Somewhere along the way we threw in a Push-o-Rama too, with Merkins, regular, wide grip, diamonds, and partner incline and decline.  YHC just can’t remember when or where that happened.

Wander the train track, the road walk way, and a little four wheeling ramble back to the amphitheater grass for Mary.  Hello Dolly x 10, LBCs x 10, Slow Flutter Kick x 10, WWII Sit Ups x 10, Cannon Balls x 10, Peter Parkers x 10 and Parker Peters x 10.



Great to have more folks out.  Kotters to Chicken Soup who EHed his roommate, Zappos.  Strong work by the Pax.  It continues to be an honor to be a part of this group and to help lead such fine men.