20 PAX posted strong on a Wednesday morning for Misery’s Rameses Q debut

Warm Up

Jogged to Outdoor Education Center parking lot. Circle up, count ’em up and get started

SSH X 20
Windmills X 15
Imperial Walkers X 15
Merkins X 15
Mountain Climbers X 15

The Thang

Run to Forest Theater. Jogged down the steps to center stage. Partner Up and get to it.

Burpees X 100
Prisoner Squats X 100
Merkins X 100
World War II s X 100

Partner 1 started the burpees while Partner 2 bunny hopped up the steps of the stage and jogged back down to replace Partner 1 and continue the exercise count. Partner 1 bunny hopped up the steps, jogged back down. Rinse and Repeat until completed.

Plank it out until everyone is done

Jog back to parking lot for Mary

Russian Twist X 15
One handed and one legged Planks
Heels to Heaven X 25

One FNG – Welcome GTL (Gym, Tan and Laundry) !!!!!

Announcement – Coco reminded everyone of Churham get together this Thursday night at 8:00 at Tobacco Road Sports Bar