14 Pax for some ideas that needed tweaking, sorry fellas- somebody’s gotta be the beta.

Warm up- 10x SSH, 10x imperial walkers, 10x Mountain Climbers, 10x Good Mornings, 10x Egg beaters

The THANG- Line up on the track about 3-4 yards apart. Line the extra bells up (there were a few) at the end.

Pax weave through the line one at a time. Pad in the line begin 15 -scratch that- 10 rep of the exercise each time the next runner passes you. When All 5 runners have made it through the line and reached new KBs, The last runner repeats the process. Switch exercises when the runners switch direction. When one circuit has been fully completed, Sub out the runners with fresh legs. Complicated, yeah- a bit. Trying to think of things to distract the Pax from the pain so that more can be fit in…

Here were the exercises- Two armded swings, Curls, Skull Crushers, Overhead press, Single arm bent over rows, High Pull (no squat), Triceps extensions, Single arm overhead press.

NEXT: Break up into 4 groups: sprints/farmer carries. 1 group at a time, Sprint 50 yd dash bottom 2 run back to the start line and farmer carry the bells back to the finish. Meanwhile winners plank. #motivation The rest of the Pax do exercises in cadence: Two arm bent over rows, Triceps extensions, Swings, Clean-press, Overhead press, Goblet Squats

Mary was only one exercise- The Sir Walter Raleigh Scuba Buddha 20x.

Announcements- 5/17 Healing transitions dinner $20, 5/7? Haven House console tournament?, Come out to the arena.

Prayers for I.S.’s family- death shortly after birth of newborn. Praise for all the babies in F3 both here now and on the way.

YHC Closed in prayer.