No gloves, no bricks, no rain this morning. No time to waste! Lots to pack into this latest edition of Hi-Fidelity, for which 12 PAX posted and blew the doors off their respective pace goals.

The Thang:
800m (2 laps) of warm-up with high-knees, butt-kickers, and acceleration straights worked in. Quick circle-up for Good Mornings x20 and Imperial Walker x20.

1200m (3 laps) repeats was the main course. Proposed pace was 1 minute slower than your last mile time-trial. I think everyone went after it harder than that. 1 minute of rest or a fellowship lap were used to separate the repeated doses of pain. 5 repeats completed, total distance for the workout 4.5 miles.

COT, always the best use of our time.

Prayers for a friend and five-points neighbor in his battle with cancer. Family has sought treatment in Houston, TX and we pray for strength, recovery, and guidance through this trial.

GORUCK custom in Raleigh this Saturday/Sunday. If you’d like to shadow, live tweet, document this great event, please reach out to Event Qs Yo-Yo, Utah, or Fungo. Also encourage our PAX and family not participating to come out and show support somewhere along the way. If interested, reach out to White Shoe as he has been in contact with Cadre and can possibly advise on spots where we may or may not end up.

T-claps and Kotters to Hatfield! One of the pillars of our BRR team last year, it was great to have you out on a weekday. Look forward to seeing more of you in the gloom.

T-claps to a great effort this morning. As always, it is my honor and privilege to be present as we get faster. Should be an exciting race season for F3Raleigh. Aye!