Start off with an Indian Run twice around the parking lot.

Break off into the park for a warm up on the grass:
Good Mornings x 20
Mountain Climbers x 30
Fazio Arm Circles Forwards and Back x 20
Standing Lunges x 25
Alternating Left/Right Step ups on the wall

Move out and storm Goose Poop Island for some:
LBCs x 20
Bridge March x 20 ea leg
High Slow Flutters x 20

Jog it out to the half pipe at the tennis courts.
Start with 10 dips and the picnic shelter
Plank Walk down the hill
10 plyo squates at the bottom
Run up to the courts
10 burpees up top
10 std merkins at the bottom
Run back to the shelter and plank it out until everyone returns

Repeat two more times.

Jog back down to the entrance for some mary:
Cannon Balls x 25
Rosalita’s x 20
Russian Hammers x 25