Totally uneventful, I couldn’t even come up with a title. 18 Pax, lots of merry and running. People really ran the loop fast. I mean- whoa.

Warm up: Jog from the lot to the field, Circle up- 10x Good mornings, 20x mountain climbers, 21x spiderman merkins, 12x windmills, 10x Fazio ACs/ 10x Reverse. Follow YHC on the jog

Tha thang: 4 PAX on the bars- 10x pull up while rest of the complete an exercise. Switch exercises with each new group. Dying Cockroach, LBC, Superman Nipplers, Reverse LBC, American Hammers, 6″ leg holds.

Brisk yog around the ring of fire: Along the way: 20x merkins (after catch-up plank), 20x merkins (after catch-up people’s chair).

Jog to the Dock: 10x R leg dips, 10x L leg dips, 10x Derkin, 10x Irkin. Wash. rinse. repeato.

Jog to the top of the Dam: OYO: 8x Merkins, 6x Merkins, 4x Merkins, 12x Merkins.

Jog back to the field: More merry: 30x LBC, 20x Rosalita, 20x Windshield wiper, 6″ leg hold 5 sec count around the horn.


Prayers for who and dufresne

Visit Hopebuilder 5pm on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays.

Do the Komen race in June and raise $100

Come to Crafty Beer shop 2003 Fairview Rd on 5/8 @6pm for some 2nd F. Dollar beers and free pizza and more from Lilly’s!

Q the arena Saturdays at 7am

Come to Metamorphosis (moore square wednesdays at 545): Q as well-