fletcher photo

As night fell on Tuesday, the promised “four year storm” was just beginning to lay its blizzardy paws into Raleigh, NC. The PAX didn’t know how much snow it would bring overnight, but they knew they would be at Ball Bearings before dawn to find out. Eight PAX arrived to find a 3 inch layer of fluffy white stuff at Fred Fletcher Park and off they went….

The Thang:

Burpee Run: 3/4 mile uphill snow run through the streets of the row house neighborhood around the park up to the upper field, stopping six times with 10 snow burpees per stop.

Warm Up Circle: SSH x 30; Sir Fazio arm circles x 20; Imperial Walkers x 20; Good Mornings x 20; Jack Webbs 1 up to 10.

Jog to lower field.

Snowbeast: Four cones about 10 yards apart, six exercises at each cone, out and back. 42 total reps per exercise. Six total exercises – merkins, squats, diamond merkins, star jumps, carolina dry docks, burpees. When you finish each rotation, get face down in the snow until the group finishes, then immediately start the next trip.

Jog to picnic area.

15 x 10 x 10 dips and incline merkins each, alternating.

Jog back to upper field.

Mary Sprints: 10 reps of an exercise, sprint 110 yards, 10 reps of same exercise, sprint 110 yards back, 10 more reps. 3 rotations. Exercises, heels to heaven, hello dolly, reverse LBCs. No ten counts, no mercy.

Jog to top of hamburger hill:

The Pete Rose: running dive off the top of hamburger hill, slide down to the bottom.


– It was cold, I’m not sure how cold, but posting in legit snow is very fun.  The elements do not phase the PAX, they crank it up.

– Although Ball Bearings is often rough and tumble, Fletcher Park is always a beautiful setting, with its rolling hills, green fields, giant oaks, ancient Greek amphitheater, House of Cats and the other big house.  Throw a layer of snow out there and is downright pristine.  Au Pair’s coffee approves.

– Great to have Fazio back in action at his old stomping grounds and in his element – inclement weather.

– Coffeeteria followed where we came across the local EMS chief in the coffee line.  He reported that EMS had a slow night in the snow storm because we were the only guys crazy enough to be out.

– White Shoe, Bob Vila and Utah were out early for kettle bells.  Aye!