November 12, 2013, 13 PAX ventured into the morning gloom at Martin Middle for the first Hi-Fidelity Mile-Test.  Great times were posted.  Now, 3 months later, we get to see how much we have improved – or you can put your mark on the PAX and set an initial time for the record.

At HiFidelity, we talk about training paces and how to build your strengths in running.  “Daniel’s Running Formula” (our guide for training) says that a Mile Test is a good all-out effort.  He also explains that it is important to train to your current fitness level, so that you can improve with lower risk of injury.  In order to train to your current level, you need to test yourself.

This test defines R-Pace for many of our short intervals.  Come out to the track and see where you stand.  #Find your Gears# and dig deep to finish the Mile.  With this test, not only can you see if you are improving, but you can set the right pace for training.

The markers that I have collected from last time-

  • Yo-Yo – 5:25
  • Flatline – 5:42
  • Ben Johnson – sub 6:00?
  • Enron, Lamp, Munson – 6:02
  • My Boy Blue, Repo, Myrtle – 6:10?
  • T-square and King David was 6:30ish
  • MoneyHose and TARP sub 7:00?

We will have a timer – albeit it might need waterproofing – and we will collect times for the official record.