Snowpocolypse 2014 hit the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area late Tuesday evening and by 0500 Wednesday Blue Heaven was blanketed in a few inches of powdery white. The enthusiastic salt truck driver who was so on point a few weeks ago must have slept in, which meant most of the pax were faced with treacherous roads and chose to smartsack (and live to merkin another day). YHC’s steep driveway threatened to add one more to the UA list, but Probe rode to the rescue in his FWD German sled. We collected Wuerffel and headed to the OEC (parking at the LDS Church). It was cold, but not “Bastille last week when it was 14-feels-like-1 and windy” cold, so we got to it.

The Thang:

SSH x 30
Mountain Climbers x 20
Willie Mays Hayes x 10
Windmill x 12
Bodyweight Squats x 15

(Careful) run to the OEC parking lot, post to the big grass field for Usain Bolts (1 pax calls and exercise for others to do – as many as possible – while said pax runs the length of the field, around the big tree and back)

3 rounds running there and back, 3 rounds running backward there and regular back.
Exercises called include:
– Pistol Squats
– Merkins
– Wide-grip Merkins
– Sumo Squats
– Curls (with big log from the nearby woodpile)
– Weighted Squats (with log)
– Lunges
– Twisting Lunges
– LBCs
– Putin/Sarkozy Plank
– Bows and Toes Plank
– Frogger Merkins (half-a-burpee)
– A few others

Finished at the field with a group sprint backward to the tree (during which YHC took the obligatory ass-backward tumble in the snow) and regular sprint back to starting point.

(Careful) run back to the Church parking lot for Mary.

LBCs x 20
Twisting LBCs x 12
Reverse LBCs x 15
Dolly x 15
Slutter x 15



– This Saturday, Feb 1: Thin Blue Line (F3 Chapel Hill/F3 Durham collabo) launches at Old Chapel Hill Rd. 0700-0800, coffeeteria at Panera after. Details on the updated schedule page: Hope all the pax can make it.

– Lots of F3 pax plan to run the Tar Heel Ten Miler on 4/26/14, registration is open now and is only $45 until Feb. 1 ($50 from 2/1 – 3/5, and so on). Team: “F3 of the Triangle”.

– 2014 Race Jersey Announced – orders will be taken until 2/15/14: