Strong Posting with 22 Pax including 3 FNG’s on a cold and icy morning at Pullen.  We had to modify the routine a bit, more off road due to the black ice but no worries.  We will always overcome whatever obstacles arise in our together.

Warm up jog around the parking lot and into the park.  Stair climb and Lunge walk to indoor pavilion.

Onto the ground and off the side walks to avoid black ice

SSH*15, Windmill*15, Wide Fazio Forward and Reverse Arm circles*15, Squat knee tucks OYO*10, Slow Mo Merkins *10, Sky Abs*15, Slap Merkins*10 (When chest reaches ground, pax slap their hands up and down before coming back up) Lateral Merkins*15

To the hill in 2 man teams

Wheelbarrow up and both backward lunge down then flap jack.  Choice of Mary till Pax done.  Next cycle, fireman carry or back pack carry top of hill then both backward lunge and flap jack.  Plank or choice of Mary till Pax done.  Last cycle backward run uphill while partner does merkins then flap jack.

Pullup and burpee pyramid.  1st partner does one pullup and then jack knifes right and then left for 1 rep while partner does burpees then flap jack.  Next cycle 2 pullups and 2 jack knifes while partner does burpees then flap jack. Repeat till reach 5 pullups and 5 jack knifes.

2 lines parallel to each other.  Person at the end does burpees down the line for each pax on the ground. Those still on the ground do 6 inch leg hold till their turn comes up. Once everyone done we reverse direction and repeat with burpees down the line but now pax on the ground do superman. alternating with low plank and high plank.

Jack Weber 1:4 ratio pyramid of 10. Variation–> slap merkins

Floppy Disk kindly reminds Q we have 4 more minutes to go… so Star Jumps *15, and Herkins*7 (Standard merkin on the way down but on the way up lift right arm to left shoulder and then next time up left arm to right shoulder.  Essentially trying to do 1 arm merkins.  Hershel walker alternating arm plank combined with a merkin)