As YHC pulled into Pullen he was gretted by a PAX of 8 ready to begin the yog to The Arena.  After redirecting a stray Tooth Ferry to a Tecumseh beat down and discovering an almost invisible layer of black ice across the parking lot, we were off.  With out any major ice causalities we made our way to the Arena and were greeted by an additional 3 PAX to begin our work and our presence in the ring.

After a short meet and greet, YHC led the way to the court yard to begin our work.

Warm Up:  SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way, Windmills x 15

The Thang: Find a spot on the concrete seating, inclined merkins x 15, dips x 15, repeeto x 10

Head to the field and after a few tries, count off in two’s, divide into two groups; group 1, burpie suicide to the first two poles, 3 at the first, 5 at the second, (insert opinion / moaning from Chongers) while group 2 hold a Partners Peoples Chair, then flip flop.

Head to the Volleyball court for laps around the imaginary boundary, Orwell must have played on a short court.  Remember your groups from before; group 1 bear crawl the side line, crab walk the back line, gorilla hop the far side, and bear crawl back to the start while group 2 does max merkins OYO, then flip flap.  Next round, group 1 karaoke down, lunge walk across, backwards run back, and sprint back, while group 2 planks.  Next round; group 1 sprints two laps around the court while group 2 does max merkins on the first lap and planks on the 2nd, then swip swap.

Back to the bottom of the field for an interval run to the top of the field; 5 burpies at the first pole, 10 merkins at the second, plank and hold at the third and wait for the PAX.  Lunge walk back to the middle pole and sprint back to the bottom of the field.

Head back to the courtyard for some quick Mary, 6 inch leg hold for a 10 count around the circle, and done.


A big thanks to the PAX, to those familiar to The Arena and to those making their first apperance in the ring.  YHC informed the PAX that Duff was consulted by some of the Charlotte PAX doing a similar workout, and that in general, what we have said from the start is true, we need to be present.  As the weather begins to warm up and the faces on the sidelines of the Arena continue to see the PAX, hopefully more will choose to step in.  As YHC only learned the day before that due to a tweaked back Duff would have to pass the Q, he reminded the PAX of a quick truth from Hebrews 5:8; “although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered.”  That even Christ, though Son of the Most High, gained through suffering, and that obedience is where He has called us to be.  Whether in the familiar everyday tasks or in the situations that seem to come out of nowhere, being obedient is where we find ultimate peace in Him.

Please encourage PAX at the weekly workouts to sign up and be present in The Arena. If you have been a regular and would like to Q, that would be great too.  It’s not a requirement to run over from Pullen, several continue to meet us there, and as Orwell and Steroid well know, it’s not hard to hitch a ride back to Pullen either.

Prayers for Duff and all the PAX dealing with injuries from the gloom and otherwise.  Prayers to a friend of New Mexico’s who lost her brother tragically a few months ago and has now found out her 5 year old daughter has a brain tumor.  Continued prayers for Dufresne who is now dealing with more challenges in his already frail body and for his family and their strength to support him and rely on God for His strength and His will.

Please sign up below and be present with us.