19 PAX gave the finger to Daylight Savings Time and showed up for 45 minutes of Monday morning fun, North Hills style.

Good mornings x 20, Windmill  x 20, SSH x 25, CDD x 20, Plank Jacks x 20

Indian run up Currituck, down Yadkin to bridge for:
Incline and decline merkin x 25, x20, x15 then x10.

Down to Greenway, run approx 1/4 mile and stop for lunge jump and prisoner squat x 20, x15 then x10.

Run to bottom of Sisyphus for Burpees x10 OYO, ascend Sisyphus for plank-a-rama til all PAX arrive.

Over to picnic shelter for 11s:
Burpee box jump w/ merkin (BBJM) then dips (10 BBJM and one dip, descending and ascending until 1 BBJM, 10 dips).

Head to tennis courts for people’s chair x 1 minute, then partner up for wheelbarrow to far sideline, flapjack and back.  Followed by crab-barrow (thanks F3 south Charlotte) with partner, flapjack and return.

Circle up for Mary:

Good mornings, LBC’s and Heels to Heaven x 25.


Raleigh Brewing happy hour this Thursday, check Twitter/web for details on this and other events.

Want to Ruck?  Want more info?  See Yo Yo (

Prayers for the Lamonte family and for Dufresne.

YHC read an excerpt from Rob Bell’s excellent book “Velvet Elvis” where he talks about how most view the Sabbath as a day of the week but that it’s important to view it as the way we live all the time.  An excerpt:

Sabbath is a day….

  • When my work is done, even if it isn’t.
  • When my job is to enjoy.  Period.
  • When I am fully available to myself and those I love the most.
  • When I remember that when God made the world, he saw that it was good.
  • When I produce nothing.
  • When I remind myself I am not a machine.
  • When my phone is turned off, I don’t check email and you can’t get ahold of me.

Consider yourselves challenged, men.  Elsinore out.