With the VSF planted, a Pax of 15 set out into the gloom for some slaying of the Roanoke beast.


  • Jog around park
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8, Reverse x 8
  • Good Mornings x 15

Eight Rockin’ Pain Stations:

Pax team up in pairs, rotating based on completion time of Station #1, and alternating exercises as many rounds as possible until relieved.

STATION #1: Pax #1: Bear Crawl Agility Drill (Left x 10 yds, Reverse x 10 yds, Right x 10 yds., Forward x 10 yds); Pax #2: Flutter Kicks (Flapjack)

STATION #2: Pax #1: Burpee Box Jumps x 10, Pax #2: Flutter Kicks (Alternate until relieved)

STATION #3: Pax #1: Pull-ups x 5, Chin-ups x 5, Pax #2: Spotter (Alternate until relieved)

STATION #4: Pax #1: KB Snatches x 6, Pax #2: Flutter Kicks (Alternate until relieved)

STATION #5: Pax #1 El Jefe Bear Hug Squats while Pax #2 sprints to stop sign and back (Alternate until relieved)

STATION #6: Partner medicine ball tosses (Left x 10, Right x 10, Shuffle back and forth until relieved)

STATION #7: Pax #1: Heavy Bag Carry across park and back, Pax #2: Flutter Kicks (Alternate until relieved)

STATION #8: Mama Junk flips (Alternate until relieved)

Circle up for Mary:

  • LBC’s x 30
  • Russian Hammers x 20


  • Mama Junk and the Heavy Bag will be making more regular appearances, in different variations of course.  I think all would agree that the heavy bag – Mama Junk back-to-back combo was intense.
  • Heads-up for a possible triple down on Saturday.
  • Tclaps to F3 Raleigh on Thursday, with 39 Pax total across 3 workouts!