Ball Bearings legionnaires deployed all over the city, we had a healthy 24 Pax post on a relatively dry Wednesday morning, with hats, shirts and fresh cut grass for the kids….A rare celebrity sighting of FNG Edsel (John Sanford “Ford” Jordan), the greatest basketball player to ever graduate from Raleigh’s Jesse O. Sanderson High School.   

The Thang:

Warm Up: Odd-route run ’round the land of the mythic tomatoes; back to the big field; SSHs, Imperial Walkers; Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles forth and back.


The Ones: Follow Money Hose to the Panel Point Pavillion for a modified Dog Leg to the Left to an elevated green.  Run up the hill; Gorilla Run ‘cross the Stone Circle; 10 jump ups and 20 incline mericans at Bench 1; 10 jump ups and 20 incline mericans at Bench 2; run to elevated pin placement at the top of the amphitheater; 6 (not 5, but 6) single-leg Burpees; descend and plank.  X2.7

The Twos: Follow TARP to the Ed McMahon Star Search Pentagon.  Bear Crawl from cone to cone (there are five points on a Pentagon); 20 Mericans at each point; continue.  (Note: TARP’s team did two trips ’round with Bear Crawl/Mericans; Money Hose’s Team did the second trip with Lung Walks and 10 Air Squats; Money Hose’s Team used time wisely at end with some lunge walks and single leg deadlifts; max mericans and other maximization and synergy).  


Mary:  All Hands recover at top of Hamburger Hill for Mary lead by TARP (LBCs, Russian Hammers; High Slow Flutters; Six Inch Leg Hold 5 Count).


  • Enron deployed to test out the notion that he can make us all faster. 
  • Fun Delaware Fact Brought to You by FNG Blue Hen: there are 3 counties in Delaware.  The southernmost, Sussex County, a typically agrarian community, is unique among the urban counties to the north.  Hence, Sussex County is commonly referred to as “Lower, Slower” Delaware.  Be in the know. 
  • Gnobby was sporting some Vintage Marine Corps combat gloves that Chesty Puller gave him. 
  • A first of two child small yellow shirts in play.
  • Speaking of shirts, Chong Li wore only his shoulder tat. 
  • Seriously:  Minnie has a bum ankle; we’re with you.  We are also with you, Sir Nigel Fazio, who apparently hurt his back carrying the weight of the world on the road to being our very best. 
  • We are mere months from a very lean last winter where only the stalwarts held fast.  Six months later?  The relief column arrived and held.  We have dozens more stalwarts in play, and it only grows.  Tclaps.