Living outside the beltline has advantages which folks inside the beltline will never understand.  Let me leave it at that.  6 men showed up at North Cary Park, 6 men who were looking to better themselves, and all 6 of them were successful.

jog around the parking lot
ssh x20
windmills x15
knee tucks x10
good mornings x15
merkins x15

pain station 1, basketball courts:
peoples chair x10
sprint to end of court 1 and back
peoples chair x10
burpees x5
sprint to end of court 2 and back
peoples chair x10
burpees x5
people chair while each pax sprinted to end of courte 2 and back in order
lunge walk 1 court length

pain station 2, the picnic tables:
dips x10
incline merkins x10
dips x10
decline merkins x10
plank x20
putin x10
sarkozy x10

pain station 3, the playground:
lbc x20
froggies x15
russian hammers x20
reverse lbc x20

jog to the parking lot for car push up the hill

squats x20
squat hold x20
jog around the soccer field

pain station 4, the curb:
merkins x15
crossfit merkins x10
6″ leg hold x20
rosalitas x20
reverse lbcs x20
russian hammers x20
WWII situps x20


tclaps to burt for the enthusiasm in counting- a great asset to have
tclaps to burt again for recruiting RipTide
tclaps to keywest for beating burt in a sprint, truly amazing