You know things are getting serious when the paparazzi shows up and starts flashing pictures.

Warm-up: To the drainage area for each person to grab 2 bricks followed by jog over to the track where the PAX spread out equidistant all the way around.

To shake things up a bit, the PAX did warm-up exercises paired with varying types of laps around the track.  The exercises were all done with the bricks in hand, but set down for the laps around.  The PAX waited to start the lap until the person to their right passed them.  The pairing of laps and exercises were as follows: SSH and Slow Jog, Windmill and Hot Lap, Moroccan Night Club with Karaoke, Triceps Extensions with High Knees Skip,  Curls with Hot Lap.

The PAX then regrouped on the side of the track for brick barrows to the other side of the field.  Partners switched and came back still with bricks in tow.

Recovery jog over to the side of the school for balls-to-the-wall x20 and tree hugger x20.  Repeated each for rounds of x15 and x10.

The PAX then formed a tunnel holding bricks above head while each person on the end bear crawled through until the tunnel reached the end of the sidewalk.

Returned the bricks with just enough time to squeeze in Mary.

Mary:  LBC x20, Freddy Mercury x20