23 Pax showed up in the post Holiday gloom, ready to attack the week ahead straight on.  Disclaimer given, the heckling quickly ensued.  Didn’t last long though, not much oxygen left for Incognitioning once this got started:


Mosey to top of Sisyphus and circle up for:

  • Warmup COP (SSH 20x – Windmill 20x – IW 20x – Good Morning 10x)
  • Sisyphus Jacob’s Ladder (7 burpees down to 1 at top of Sisyphus, going all the way to bottom each time)
  • Mary When Finished (LBCs, WW2 SUs, Freddy Mercs, Rosalita, Reverse LBCs, etc)



  • Prayers for Friar Tuck who is stranded abroad – hope he got travel insurance
  • Prayers for Dufresne’s family
  • Prayers for the ongoing headband problem plaguing F3 Raleigh – specifically Ausheed Pair
  • Good warmup for the Steak Challenge today, we were almost halfway there
  • T-Claps to todays FNGs, Reboot and Punt Gun, not an easy day to start on
  • Great effort by all today, excellent opportunity to be thankful that we have the ability to rise to these challenges.  Let’s keep pushing each other harder.  We can do a lot more.
  • In case you missed yesterday’s recommended reading for today’s workout: http://www.sccs.swarthmore.edu/users/00/pwillen1/lit/msysip.htm