I arrived at Williams Park this morning to find Man Ram already there, planting the shovel flag for the PAX yet to come. Felt great, like a late Spring morning, fleeting though it may be. Truth be told, Chong burned us at Whiplash on Saturday. So, in planning my workout for today’s post at Crucible, I thought I’d borrow a bit from the F3 Zenmaster. No 10 counts. The PAX were either planking or holding a squat position during the brevity between exercises. Here we go…


Brisk loop run around the field on the asphalt path.

Gather back up in the parking lot for a warmup COP
Seal jack x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Mountain Climber x 30

Gather down at one end of the parking lot. Bear crawl to the other end of the lot, about 60 yards. Stop at 1st light pole for 10 merkins. Stop at 2nd light pole for 20 merkins. Stop at the end for 30 merkins. Turn around and gorilla hop back, stopping for 5, 10, & 15 merkins.

Brisk loop run around the field on the asphalt path.

Gather down at one end of the parking lot for a set of 11s. Burpees at one end, run and do burpees at the other end. This drilled me Saturday, so I thought it only fitting to share it with today’s PAX.

Plank and wait for the PAX to finish. Once everyone was done Mahktar N’Diaye’s x 20.

Mosey to the pic-a-nic shelter for some leg work. Jump up x 20 OYO. Sumo squat jump x 20 OYO. L/R step up x 20 IC.
JU x 15 OYO. SSJ x 15 OYO. L/R SU x 15 IC. JU x 10. SSJ x 10. L/R SU x 10.

Rosalita x 20
Dolly x 20
Low slow flutter around the horn twice x 5 count

Naked Moleskin/COT
Dawn Patrol convergence Thanksgiving morning at 7-Laurel Hills
Turkey Trot at Ridgewood. Tony Robbins/Swirly for info
F3 Connect 12/3 with Tony Robbins discussing leadership
Bowling at The Alley 12/4 courtesy of Gutterball
Black Friday-Flood Zone meeting at Laurel Hills Park @ 6:30
Prayers for the family of Roland Massey
The PAX told one another out with The Lord’s Prayer

Thank you men Great work today. Honored to be a part of such a great organization