imageLast Monday YHC incorporated a number of 17 and 16 counts to commemorate the Hokies 17 to 16 win over Dook. Well when I got the call last night that A Team Regular McCants and his side kick 75% needed a sub this am….I immediately put together a work out with lots of 6 and 3 counts for the debacle in the dash…get it….Winston-Salem…on Saturdsy when the Hokies lost 6-3 to Wake. Yikes. Balled it up and tossed it.

Gate was open, flag planted, no FNGs, no waiver. Music tuned to 80’s….temp almost there…and black and gold flannel donned….no Rip Tide, but Peak Week is a Deac so all was not lost. Man was the flannel hot.

Warm up:

Run around parking lot. Pick up a rock on the way to court.

Circle up. SSH, Merkins, IW, MC, squats, king David kicks, high knees in place

The Thang:

Rock curls x 15, Merkins x 15, rock presses x 15, wide grip Merkins x 15…repeato.

Jack Webb up to 10 count with rock presses, alternating lunges x 15

Rock curls x 15, rock presses on back x 15, Merkins x 15, diamond Merkins x 15

Count off. Evens run suicides, odds Merkins, flapjack. Evens on the suicides, odds Lunges, flap jack
Evens on suicides and odds plank jacks, flap jack

Back to rocks….more curls, presses, Merkins, Fazio Arm Circles with mummy kicks, planks with 10 count around, 6 in leg hold around the circle, bench press with Rock, SSH

On the line….Sprint length of court with 10 burpees.

A few more sets of rock stuff….


Thanksgiving options, laurel hills at 7, BO at 7:30, Ridgewood turkey trot

Prayers for thanksgiving travelers, quarters family member with cancer and Grease Monkeys family whose father in law recently passed.

YHC took the group out.

Great work today men.