Warmer temperatures saw 4 post this morning at Metamorphosis. The weather took Cujo by surprise who
showed up with a few too many layers and after shedding a few, we were off.

The Thang

Run to the Capital Building for a quick warm up

SSH x 25
Mountain Climber x 20
Std Merkin x 20
High plank hold, 10 count around circle
Chillcut hold, 10 count around circle.

Run to deck on Fayetville

Bearcrawl up first 2 levels
Backwards run 4 levels
Bearcrawl last 2 levels

AT the top;
Jack Webb 1:4 up to 6 merkins 24 shoulder press then back down

Down the Deck, and down Fayetville to the Post Office

20 Jump ups / 20 LBCs
30 Jump ups / 30 LBCs
40 Jump ups / 40 LBCs
50 Jump ups / 50 LBCs

Mosey around the freshly washed city until we got to the bus depot

3 sets of:
10 pullups / 20 derkins

Mosey back to Moore Square for Mary
Flutter Kick 25 count
LBCs 20 count
In and Out’s 20 count
High plank hold 10 count around circle
Low Plank hold 10 count around circle

Strong work by the few men we had this morning.
Lots of ground covered and just enough exercises to reduce the arms to dead weights.

Cinderella Took us out.