61 degrees and overcast? Smells like a perfect day for a trip to the gloom. 10 PAX ventured out of the fartsack to another installment of The Forge

Disclaimer given. Off we went.

Brisk jog past the playground, up to the shelter and back down the stairs into the garden.

Standard Merkin x10
Grass mat (35 seconds, 11 burpees)
Spider Merkin x10  OYO
Grass mat (45 seconds, 13 burpees)
Windmills x15

The Thang:
After COP, we gathered at the staircase in the garden

Jump up to every other step, Irkins  (increase Irkin reps +1 each jump) for a total of 70
Plank-o-rama at the top

To the handrail; Australian Pull-ups IC x15

To the shelter; Burpee Broad Jump.
-Broad jump, burpee, broad jump, burpee for 50 yards.
-Sprint back

Down the stairs to original starting point for Jump Ups, 5 burpees at each landing (30 total)

Back to the shelter for
-French Dips, IC x20
-Irkins, IC x20

After a brisk jog down the hill towards “Bacteria Lake,” we bear crawled down the 6 flights of stairs to the carousel pavilion.

Partner up; size doesn’t matter but similar speed does.
P1 takes off to the landing between the two bridges
P2 does merkins x20
When P1 arrives at halfway point, he does 20 merkins and waits for tag from P2
P2 does merkins x20 and takes off after P1
P1 finishes at carousel with merkins x20    (40 total, each man)

Repeato with 30 mountain climbers

WWII x15
Box Cutters x20
Hammers x20


Every man busted their tails today; strong work by all! Our FNG’s pushed it today and covered some serious ground– t-claps. As always, it is an honor to lead this group of men. YHC set out to push the limits today and as always, the PAX rose to the occasion.

PS- Australian pull-ups in a fire ant nest is a terrible idea.