Seven Pax gathered in the chill warmth of the Martin MS parking lot for this week’s edition of Hi-Fi.  At least three of today’s group are running the Turkey Trot on Thursday, so today was the warm-up.


We ran the “Ridge Road Repeat” today.  Five minutes at I-pace, which YHC is told equates to about 45 seconds off your mile pace.  This is followed by three minutes of jogging.  We went out eight minutes to the south along Ridge and onto the greenway trail.  Returned for eight minutes to Martin.  Eight minutes to the north on Ridge and eight minutes back to the AO.  Nice and simple.


  • Along the route today, the Pax was heckled by a black-clad biker. After he passed, several folks made (unkind) comments about this mysterious stranger. When the biker returned through the gloom, we realized that it was none other than King David on an early morning ride. Welcome back to Hi-Fi, sort of, KD.
  • Prayers for everyone affected by the recent events in Missouri.
  • Layover led us out with an excellent prayer.  Those pilots know how to pray….
  • For the record, excellent participation throughout by Myrtle today.  He led the Pax through most or all of the workout and set the pace.
  • We reviewed the workout schedule for Thursday and Friday this week.  Still spots for the Turkey Trot, we hear.
  • T-claps to Pigpen for hanging out with us this morning and being among the Pax for the Trot.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great group.  It is always an honor.