16 PAX merged on the vortex for a beautiful 60 degree workout. Excited for the usual beatdown of merkins and burpees, some (Wuerffel) were shocked to discover the hippie sh*t that was to come. With plans for a pre-Turkey Day cardio massacre YHC gathered the troops in the parking lot and the running (and heavy breathing) began and barely ceased.


Do the following exercise circuit three times, each time going progressively harder and faster- jog/run/sprint around the soccer field, SSH (x 15, 20, 20), IW (x 15, 20, 20), 4 corners (jump to each corner of an imaginary box, x10, 12, 15), Butt Kickers (x 20, 20, 20), High Knees (x 20, 20, 20).

Stretch?! (I know, blasphemy!!!): combinations of lunges, toes touches, hip flexers, and quad stretches

Head to the sideline of the soccer field. Pax sprint to opposite side of the field, do 10 of a called exercise, sprint back and do 10+ until last person finishes 10. Exercises: SSH, Merkin shuffle hops, Burpees

Pax pair up and line up on the sideline. One pair at a time sprint to the wheel of misery/suffering for 10 pull ups each. In the meantime, the rest of the group does a called exercise until they return. Exercises: line jumps side-to-side, line jumps forward and backward, line jumps straddle hop, frog jumps, Kareoke, high jump skips, plankoramo.


Moleskin- Awesome to have 16. So happy the vortex has grown and remained big. Keep it up! Playlist of pain is ready to go for next week!